Managing thousands of inbound sales & marketing leads

Industry: Professional Services

Geography: North America

Pattern: Natural Language

Prospecting Titles: VP Sales, VP Marketing, SMB CEO


How did we automate lead filtering for Clickedin?

Clickedin is a leader in marketing automation focused on growing their clients’ revenue and delivering a great customer experience. Inbound leads were becoming clogged with support requests, job inquiries, and partnership offers. A Watson NLC solution from IBM Watson partner, Brightbots, now filters out the noise and routes the most interested leads to sales.

Our Solution

The Results

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Increased Revenue

> 120,000

inquiries monthly & sales leads are routed correctly 90%+


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Reduced Operation Cost
Clickedin Product screenshots

Clickedin product screenshots

Clickedin product screenshot

Client CEO Testimonial

Frank Ieraci
Chief Executive Officer, Clickedin

Our clients are delivered filtered leads from prospects interested in purchasing. We’ve eliminated the extra burden of filtering leads manually which was time consuming and our customer satisfaction has improved. As a growing business, I love that every lead that Watson classifies drives revenue opportunities for customers of Clickedin.

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