Visual Recognition

Most companies work with images and video daily. Visual solutions are critical to a broad range of industries from manufacturing to financial services to government.


New products are constantly coming to market. To keep up with the fast pace of retail, Brightbots can automatically prepare images for product, promotions, website, print, and partners so these assets can be found easily and referenced in the future.


Images are increasingly part of a claim. Brightbots can identify an image based on the attributes most important to your company and make that image searchable.


How much crop am I growing this year? Agriculture is relying on imagery to estimate crop yield in the fields as well as in the greenhouse. Brightbots can notify farmers of the different stages in the growth cycle as well as plant discoloration from disease or pests.


States and counties hit by natural disasters rely on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for financial assistance. After fires in California, county officials attached photos of fire damage to their FEMA claims and received more federal reimbursement than anticipated.


Quality and production are key ingredients in manufacturing. By integrating camera systems with visual recognition at different stages of the manufacturing process, quality can be improved and plant managers might be able to crack a smile.