Data Solutions

Data is a powerful ally. Brightbots delivers data insights for your business to overcome its biggest challenges.

Strengthen Supply Chains

Build resiliency into your supply chain by optimizing end-to-end data to reduce stockouts and ensure more on-time deliveries.

IBM Institute for Business Value - “69% of executives from leading organizations report they have realized significant return on investment (ROI) from investing in predictive analytics for the supply chain”


Predict Customer Churn

Finance needs to report accurately on churn metrics and its effects on revenue. Based on multiple data points, Brightbots can give finance peace of mind ahead of the next earnings call.

Price to Win

The right price is the foundation of a go-to-market strategy and a healthy business. Take hundreds of variables into account to deliver the best price at that exact place and time.

Gartner - “When organizations embrace optimization in their decision making, they can see significant improvements in profitability, efficiency or cost. Even a 1% to 2% reduction in cost can lead to millions of dollars in savings…”