Putting Ai to Work

Brightbots Visual Recognition solution allows you to use IBM Watson to organize, protect, and automate processes around your business content.

Brightbots & Watson AI can help solve a number of problems at scale:


Intuitively search for files and navigate
within those files.


Replace manual data entry tasks and provide a
first-level of meta-data enrichments.


Enrich your existing and new content using
Watson immediately.

Did You Know there are some Practical Ways You could be Incorporating AI Imaging?

Here are some simple ways to learn more about how we are empowering business
right now with this low cost and easy to implement solution:


Major retailers have to label each image of a new product before they are able to sell online. Brightbots is able to automatically label images with high accuracy and in multiple languages so retailers can go to market globally, more quickly, and more cost effectively.


Forms are still a part of many processes in financial services and insurance. Brightbots is able to automatically extract critical data from forms, attach it to the form as metadata, and pass that information to the next application in the process. The business impact is happier customers, less data entry, and a shorter cash cycle for CFOs.


Smart Cities has been an IBM buzzword for years, but Brightbots makes it real with Watson AI. Brightbots has solutions to automatically identify potholes, optimize road clearing of debris or snow, detect fires, gather natural disaster images to attach to FEMA claims, monitor watersheds and flooding at the city, county, state, and federal level.


Whether production happens in the US or abroad, quality is key to every manufacturer. Brightbots can monitor for quality throughout the manufacturing and distribution processes to prevent defects from reaching the market. In addition, Brightbots can scan machinery to prevent overheating as well as infrastructure for leaking pipes or other break/fix items.

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